Clean Up

We have all had work performed on our homes before, and we all know there is nothing more annoying than having to clean up after a contractor. No one wants to have dirt, dust, debris, or equipment left around their home or building during a project. We will at all-time throughout the project and days keep the jobsite and work areas clean. We will clean daily and at the end of the project perform a “deep cleaning” of your home or building. Never Paint Again Companies LLC Promise is “You will never have to clean up after us!”

These are a few of our clean up and jobsite policies for you to view: (taken from employee handbook)

  1. No smoking is allowed anywhere on the project site. Smoking is only allowed in company vehicles.
  2. No food or coffee breaks are allowed anywhere on the project site. Breaks are to be taken in company vehicles or off site.
  3. All employees are expected to behave professionally. We remind our employees every morning the importance of appearance and professionalism to our clients and their visitors.
  4. Utility sinks are to be cleaned daily if used. No construction waste, paint thinners, or other obstructing or hazardous materials are to be poured down the drain or left to clog the sinks.
  5. Areas that are not in the project zone but which are affected by the project, including lobbies and corridors, are to be protected from damage throughout the project period. Floors, sidewalks, roofs and carpets are to be covered with protective material.

Just a Thought for Our Clients as You Gather Estimates:

If the contractor drove his vehicle to your home to give you an estimate, take a look at the way he keeps the equipment and vehicle. Are things clean? Neatly arranged? If not – that’s a big warning. The way a contractor treats his tools is a direct connection to how he’ll treat your home or project. On this note, and just as important, ask about the clean-up policy.

For example, if your project is a multi-day project, will the contractor be cleaning up at the end of every day or will he leave the dust, wood chips, and other mess laying there for day #2. The more mess in or around your home – the more it gets tracked around. This is a personal preference for you but many homeowners find themselves with mouths gapping wide open after the contractor has left for the day and their landscape, decks, sidewalks, roofs, floors and home are dirty and messy around the project area. If unsure of the contractors’ clean-up policy or if you find you cannot get a straight forward answer to this question, ask for the clean-up policy in writing or to be detailed on the contract.