Exterior Paint Color Options For 2013

Is 2013 the year you paint the exterior of your home? If so, then check out this year’s trends from the leading paint company – Sherwin-Williams – has to offer in 2013 — let’s get inspired.

Warm, cool, and neutral exterior paint color collections are more popular this season. Now, website’s online allow you to search colors by complementary architectural style and even offers tips on how to incorporate your home’s building elements into its exterior paint design scheme.

Let’s take a look at standout palettes in each of the paint color collections:

Diagonal Delight — This stucco-style home skips the typical hues for its architectural style and instead combines Cardboard, Cinnamon Brown and Turtle Green in an unexpected visual delight outside. The Turtle Green tucks into architectural details such as arched windows, while Cinnamon Brown gives the front door its own identity within the complementary paint palette.2013 colors stucco

Elegant in Blue — In the cool collection, this paint palette gives the home exterior a clean look. Shale Gray as the main color looks more blue than gray when set against Powdered Snow on the columns, rails, shutters and trim. Wooden Swing stands out as an accent in its limited use.


Sherwin-Williams also groups exterior paint palettes by regional and architectural styles. Simply consider your own home’s location and architecture and look at the offerings for inspiration.


Standout color palettes include:

Northern Shores & Seaports — Softened shades of traditional colors found in nature rule this paint color palette. Alabaster, Comfort Gray and Rookwood Red adorn the exterior of a lakeside cottage, offering a calming serenity, while Perfect Greige, Pure White and Naval give a stately beach mansion the respect due.2013 colors sea port

Suburban Modern — The colors in this collection reflect the optimism that followed WWII and the Mid-Century Modern architectural trend seen throughout the country. Jogging Path, Intellectual Gray and Thunder Gray give a contemporary home a muted yet still interesting exterior, while Tatami Tan, Colony Buff and Homburg Gray also catch the eye but with more vibrant appeal.


Cozy Cottage — A Craftsman-style bungalow gets an eclectic palette that combines the light, warm gray of Revere Pewter with the blue-green tones of Night Train. The orange of Firenze complements its counterparts perfectly.2013 colors cottage

Bucolic Bliss — The neutrals of this color palette give a polished look to a traditional farmhouse. Cool, medium-tone gray Storm covers the exterior, while Barren Plain warms up the trim. The smoky hue Philipsburg Blue adds an elegant touch at the front and garage doors.


With Never Paint Again Companies LLC and a new color scheme you can update your exterior quickly and cost effectively. Remember, though, professional application remains key to satisfaction with the job.

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