Our Commitment

Never Paint Again Companies LLC reputation is based solely on our commitments. Our commitment to higher quality products, service, and value. Our commitment leads to a better painting experience for our clients and the absolute longest lasting finish available in any market.

“When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstances permit. When you’re committed to something, you except no excuses, only results”

Your project is managed by a professional-
A Job Site Supervisor will be assigned to oversee your entire project from start to finish. Never Paint Again Companies LLC will be on-site on your project full time and will work with you daily. They will be using tools developed during thousands of painting projects to make sure your project progresses smoothly. Their role is to communicate with you throughout the job, answer your questions, and address your concerns. The job site supervisor will relay all messages to the crew daily. Please address any questions to the supervisor and not members of the crew.

Our Crews work from detailed written proposals-
The person who will prepare your Proposal is a trained Estimator. They have taken the necessary time to understand your needs and the requirements of your project and they have provided the details to you in a Proposal and a Customer Care Portfolio. Your Proposal and your Customer Care Portfolio are living documents that will be used by the painting crew to ensure your painting project is completed to your satisfaction. For additional peace of mind to our clients we ensure that we carefully screen and hire only skilled painters who are experienced professionals. Unlike some other painting companies, Never Paint Again Companies LLC Painters are Fully Insured to ensure our clients full protection in every way. We also perform extensive background checks and drug screening before any employee is hired. We only want professionals for your project and Never Paint Again Companies LLC offers only outstanding industry professionals for each and every project.

We have a professionally staffed call center on duty-
Our professionally staffed call center is available to take your call, and answer any questions related to painting that you may have. We can review your proposal, answer basic questions about your project, or we can put you through to a person in the field who can meet with you to explain any details further. We can take and deliver messages. If you would like an estimate, we can arrange that appointment when you call. If you ever have a problem with your paint job, we are there to listen and get you help.

A great business leader once said:
…the basic philosophy, spirit, and drive of an organization have far more to do with its relative achievements than do technological or economic resources, organizational structure, innovation, and timing. All these things weigh heavily in success. But they are, I think, transcended by how strongly the people in the organization believe in its basic precepts and how faithfully they carry them out.” (from Thomas J. Watson, Jr., A Business and its Beliefs – The ideas that helped build IBM).